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Blackjack Hire from Fun Casino Me

Blackjack is the number 1 Casino game quick and easy to learn. The Classic “21” get as close to 21 without going over. If you beat the dealer you win.
It starts with the player putting a bet with their casino chips in the box. Each player will receive 2 cards, all Picture cards are worth Ten, all other face cards are worth the value shown. An ace is worth both a 1 and 11 at the same time. Sounds confusing but our trained dealers will help explain and make the game fun. The dealer will deal himself one card face up.

The Players then take turns to play the game. The 2 main choices are either “hit” which means to take a card or “stand” which means no card. If a player goes over 21 total the hand has bust. This means they lose their bet and their cards are removed from the game. Once all the players have played their hand the dealer completes their hand. They must take cards if they have 16 or fewer and stand once they have 17 or more.

If a player has a higher score than the dealer then they will win double their bet. If the dealer has more the dealer wins and takes the player’s bet. If they have the same amount is called a”push” and the hand is tied. The bet is not lost, nor is it paid, it’s simply returned to the player.

That’s Blackjack in a nutshell.

Reasons to have a Blackjack Table.

  • It’s the Number 1 card game
  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Fast Paced
  • Very entertaining.

When it comes to creating an authentic casino experience, Fun Casino Me stands out as the premier choice. Our blackjack tables, equipped with heavyweight numbered chips, not only make gameplay seamless but also enhance the overall ambiance of a real casino. Our dedicated dealers are always ready to guide and assist players, ensuring everyone understands the rules and enjoys the thrill of the game.

Unleash Your Inner Dealer: We believe in engaging our guests to the fullest extent. That’s why we encourage them to try their hand at dealing. However, what seems deceptively simple is actually quite challenging. Our expert dealers, with their extensive training and experience, effortlessly demonstrate their skills, making the process appear effortless.

The Allure of Blackjack: It’s no surprise that Blackjack holds the title of the most popular game at the casino. Its appeal lies in its quick learning curve and fast-paced nature. Moreover, blackjack offers the best odds for players, especially if they adhere to a few simple rules. To add to the excitement, most casinos entice players with enticing “side bets.” At Fun Casino Fun, we provide tables with side bets, ensuring an authentic and exhilarating casino experience. In fact, incorporating blackjack hire alongside roulette is a fantastic choice for a wedding casino, creating an unforgettable event.

Conclusion: Fun Casino Fun takes your casino experience to the next level with our exceptional blackjack table hire services. Immerse yourself in the world of high-stakes entertainment and feel the adrenaline rush as you play the game with confidence. Our dedicated dealers, premium equipment, and inviting atmosphere guarantee an unforgettable casino experience. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual gathering, blackjack is sure to add a touch of excitement to any event. Don’t miss out on the thrill—join us at Fun Casino Fun for an unforgettable blackjack adventure today!